Top 10 Design Trends in Window Treatments

It’s no secret that design trends come and go. Some stick around for a long time, while others have a short life span. What’s in today may not be in tomorrow, which means that many people look for trends that not only work for the look they’re going for, but will also be popular for a while.

Window treatments are no exception. Let’s take a look at what’s trending this year in the design world.

Having the “Blues”

Reds, oranges and more earthy tones are quickly being replaced with blues and ocean hues. This lighter look helps to achieve a more open and bigger space. These soft colors are easy to look at, while giving the room a nice pop of color.

Going Soft

Soft textiles, like velvet, are quickly climbing the ranks of the style department. Ruffles, beading and cording are becoming increasingly popular, due to the couture look being so popular right now in fashion.

The Organic Edge

Utilizing organic materials is a hot topic right now in window treatments. Natural woven shades, which showcase natural materials, such as bamboo and other woods are on the rise. Not only do these materials diffuse light, they also provide the perfect amount of privacy.

The Life of Luxury

Luxury fabrics, such as silk, fur, leather and suede are big hits right now in window treatments. The simplicity of these materials draws attention from those who desire a luxury effect without unnecessary bells and whistles. The fabrics themselves are all that is needed.

Be Bold

Now’s not the time to blend in. It’s all about bold prints! Bright florals, stripes and geometrical patterns that promote the fun and youthful look are in full force. Not only is this trend being utilized throughout the home, window treatments, especially draperies, are getting a massive makeover from their former counterparts.

Natural Accents

Decorative hardware has been a top trend for years, mainly dominated by sparkly, metallic trends. Nowadays, more natural tones are rising up in popularity. Bamboo and other wood textures are proving to be sustainable choices for many homes.

Clean Lines

Simplicity is the way to go these days. That’s why clean, sleek lines are a must for many aspects of the home from backsplashes to window treatments. Many people are striving to get that contemporary, modern look, which is why many turn to panel-track systems for their window treatments, made of fabric or wood, and many are utilizing these systems as room dividers as well.

Silky Smooth

Did we mention silk is in right now? Although a little pricier of an option for window treatments, people can’t get enough of the shine and luxury that silk possesses. Have a boring room that you don’t know what to do with? Adding silk window treatments will instantly add some life into the space.

Tech-y Touches

There’s no doubt technology is a huge part of our everyday lives, so it should come as no surprised that incorporating technology is a huge design trend. For instance, many people are now opting to control their blinds with their smartphones or tablets with just a touch of a button for seamless operation.

Going Green

From anti-microbial to stain-resistant fabrics, allergy sufferers can agree that life is easier with the right products in your home. Many window treatments are now made from specialized fabrics that help to reduce the allergens in the air.

So there you have it! The top picks in the design industry when it comes to window treatments. We’d love help you achieve the look of your dreams. Visit or call (239) 596-5550 to get started today!

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