The Ultimate Guide to Drapery Hardware

Brackets, arms, hooks, finials. Sound like a foreign language? With all of the drapery treatment products available nowadays, it’s no wonder there are a multitude of options when it comes to drapery hardware.  Finding the right fabric for your draperies is just one hurdle to jump through when designing your custom window treatments, but you can’t overlook the hardware. Choosing the right hardware is an important part of the process of achieving the style you desire for your windows.

So, let’s talk a bit about your options for drapery hardware and find the right look for you.

Rods, Arms & Brackets

Any lengthy window treatment needs to have what’s called a “center support.” This is required so that the drapery rod doesn’t bow in the middle due to the weight of the drapery fabric. Most rods require a center support every 30 to 36 inches, so keep this in mind when you’re designing your window treatments. Drapery arms are utilized in cases where the drapery treatments are stationary and are mainly just decorative. These short pieces of hardware sit adjacent to the window.

If you’re looking for a rod that can hold your café curtains, choose a café rod. These rods typically hold very light-weight fabric and sit at eye level. Café rods are great for these areas, since they blend right in and aren’t obtrusive.

There may be some instances where the drapery treatments are in a corner. These tricky spaces require an elbow bracket. Placing an elbow bracket in the corner aids in the realignment of the drapery rod with the wall.

Finials & Other Decorative Hardware

Looking to add some style to your drapery treatments? Adding finials onto the ends of your drapery rods can be just the ticket to getting that fancy look you’re wanting. These decorative ornaments can be attached to the ends of your rods and come in a wide array of designs. For rods that run into the wall with no room for a finial, end caps can be used to clean up the look. Needing a bit more style? Try using a decorative drapery rod, as opposed to a standard rod. Decorative rods come in a variety sheens, like brushed nickel or chocolate brown.

Tracks & More

If your window is large, opening and closing your drapes can be a task. This is where the traversing rod comes in handy. A traversing rod allows you to open and close your draperies by using a string at the end of the rod. In cases where windows go from the floor to the ceiling and there’s little wall space to anchor your drapery rods, a track system can be utilized. This allows the draperies to glide along the track, which is anchored to the ceiling.

Your Options for Drapery Hardware

As you can see, there are many types and functions of drapery hardware. To recap, add style and functionality by utilizing:

·         Decorative rods

·         Finials & end caps

·         Center supports & brackets

·         Café rods

·         Track systems

·         Traversing rods

Our experts look forward to helping you choose the best look for your windows. To see all of our drapery hardware and more, be sure to visit our showroom at 5767 Shirley Street in Naples, call (239) 596-5550 or visit

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